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2019 – PWA & Smart Jacket

Particle Photon - NeoPixels

GPS - Heart rate sensor

React.js - Gatsby.js - Sass

GraphQL - SQLite - PHP

Tracket is an interactive fitness jacket that connects to the internet, while collecting your location, speed and heart rate. The collected data get sent to an SQLite database.

Subsequently, it connects to a Progressive Web App (PWA). Inspired by the colour of my jogging shoes, I designed and built a prototype that would track my progress during my winter jogs.

colour inspiration

This project was part of the Tangible Media and Physical Computing class at Concordia University.

Throughout this project, I learned how to integrate electronic circuitry into textiles, connect physical devices to the internet and to a database.

tracket prototype

In addition to this project, I produced a video about my journey towards fitness.