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2019 – Video Game




Take control of a dog who goes into the underworld to save the soul of his recently deceased friend and bring them back to the world of the living.

Martin-John Hearty: programmer/level design
Allan Pichardo: programmer/sound design
Ebi Badawi: 3D modeling
Ariana Hipsagh: documentation/3D modeling

Puzzles are designed to require collaboration between the dog and the child. The child will follow the dog as long as they are tethered. The child’s spirit will begin to fade if left untethered for too long.

Traverse mausoleums, catacombs and tombs as you make your way to the surface. The closer you get to the surface, the more light leaks into the environment. The light damages your companion and dissolves their spirit.

Iter game play1

To aid your journey, you have the power to manipulate gravity in any of the six directions. Use gravity to move heavy objects, open pathways, and avoid light beams.

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